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Spotlight: Charlotte Guernsey

Spotlight: Charlotte Guernsey

iHeart Hudson Valley recently interviewed Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique owner and native Hudson Valley resident, Charlotte Guernsey for our micro-wedding article. We were so impressed by her successful life and business journeys that we decided to spotlight her.

Charlotte GuernseyGrowing up in Garrison, Charlotte earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. When you visit her boutique in Beacon, NY you can see her beautiful equestrian-themed artwork hanging throughout the store. Her training and sense of style are evident in every corner of this lovely space. She has created an appealing look of upscale rustic glam both in her boutique and her venue that truly seems to embody the essence of the Hudson Valley.

Even though she was trained in the arts, her “real business” as she puts it, was real estate. An agent since 1998, she opened her own company in 2001. It was her company that originally sold the building where Lamb’s Hill boutique currently sits. Later, she was enlisted to sell the new condos created by the developer that purchased the building. Feeling the pull to purchase one of the condos herself, Charlotte decided to team up with a friend to create and style a bridal shop. Once the other person decided not to move forward on the project, however, she was left to figure it out on her own. Thus, Lamb’s Hill Bridal Boutique was created. Over the years she has found great success by providing value for her customers combined with a high-end experience one would expect of an NYC boutique. This combination along with her ability to truly listen to and provide what the customer is looking for has allowed them to win best bridal shop in the Hudson Valley 3 years in a row.

In addition to the award-winning shop, Charlotte has created her “side-hustle” which could almost outpace her main hustle, according to her. Lamb’s Hill Venue, is actually her home, etched out of the side of Lamb’s Hill Mountain, it helps support the residence and the animals who call it home. She purchased this property in her 20s after it sat on the market for years. Determined to create something special here, she lived in a tent for 4 months while building her home, and lived completely off-grid for 2.5 years while they were figuring out the electricity. The results? Spectacular.

Charlotte designed the unique barn that houses both the newlywed apartment (it’s also an Airbnb) as well as the larger hall where bridal celebrations can happen in inclement weather. The residence is also home to a variety of animals, including two Icelandic horses and 2 mini donkeys who work for their keep and are available to be used in weddings should a couple desire.

The view from basically every vantage point is breathtaking, and they have perfected both the micro and mini micro wedding (up to 24 people). It is an incredibly special space that is as personal and intimate as it is beautifully crafted and designed.

We love getting out and meeting the talented and interesting people in our area who are doing big things. Know someone you think would be great for us to profile? Send it to us at

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