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Spotlight: Body Oils NY

Spotlight: Body Oils NY

Did you know that this Sunday, March 21st is National Fragrance Day? To celebrate the day and the coming of Spring, we chose to Spotlight one of the best places we could think of where one can revel in their sense of smell. Body Oils NY LLC, formerly Sirk Enterprises is a store to delight the senses. Formally a member of the original Middletown Flea Market for 12 years, they are celebrating their 2 year anniversary at their new location at 157 Dolson Avenue, Middletown, NY, next to IHOP.

Housed in an unassuming storefront, the interior of Body Oils NY is anything but. When you walk inside, you are presented with an unexpectedly modern and beautiful shop that feels calming, open, and airy.  At approx 1,900 sq ft, the store is ever-changing and improving. Originally a wholesale company, they now do wholesale and retail with over 2,000 fragrances and growing. If you have a favorite fragrance, they are sure to have something close to it, at a fraction of the cost of expensive perfume and that will last all day without reapplying.  Aside from their oils, they also carry organic products, a full goat’s milk soap section, sterling silver jewelry, crystals, tie-dyes, oil burners, hand-dipped incense (cones, backflow cones, 11″ sticks, and 19″ sticks), and soy candles.

Some of the great services they offer are:

  • They can make any incense, candle, spray, or lotion you like from their selection of fragrances.
  • They mix their own fragrances and do match-ups to fragrances
  • They will be adding a mixing bar in April. A ten station bar to mix your own fragrance, name it and choose if you want to make a spray, lotion, body butter, etc from that fragrance or keep it as an oil.

Body Oils NY also supports a number of local artisans in their store by including local honey, candles (made with our fragrances), body products, jewelry, and pet care.

To kick off their 2-year anniversary celebration, March 20th to March 23rd, 2021, they will be offering some off-the-chart sales. Check them out and tell them you saw them on iHeart Hudson Valley!

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