Madeleine Debure, owner and trainer.

Classically trained in France, and furthering her education in the US where she moved in 2006, Madeleine keeps refining her understanding of the correct gymnastic of a horse. And the more years she spends working with horses and competing them, the more she realizes how important it is for her to never compromise on their relaxation and well-being – mentally and physically. She focuses on keeping the horse happy and stress-free at all time, through the most demanding work in the ring, to every moment of their life on the farm.

USDF Bronze medalist, Madeleine has received solid training in the three disciplines (dressage, jumping, cross country) while growing up in Paris and later at the French National Riding School, in Saumur, France. She also has studied under the Colonel Christian Carde, to whom she owes the will to keep defending the French classical tradition of riding, its unique research of the purest contact, in lightness, balance, and tempo. In the US, she has found her biggest influence in Bettina Drummond.

Madeleine Debure welcomes dressage riders and horses of all levels at Free Walk Dressage. Madeleine provides classical training and insightful advice that will help your pair reach their top potential in a relaxed atmosphere. Farm and horses are cared for with organic and wholesome practices.


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2522 New York 207, Campbell Hall, NY 10916, USA