Dressage Training

From starting a young horse under saddle to developing and campaigning the FEI horse, Axioma Dressage can offer your horse a solid program. Our training philosophy is deeply rooted in Classical Dressage, with an emphasis on creating a solid foundation for the horse to develop from. Training is offered for horses 3 years and older. Full training is offered at our private facility in Clinton Corners, New York, and training rides are available at outside facilities as well.

Rider Education

The journey of becoming an effective and tactful rider is as individual as the people and horses we meet. The goal of the lesson program at Axioma Dressage is to develop riders who not only have an aesthetically pleasing riding position but one that is effective, and kind to the horse.

With a strong emphasis on proper basics, and biomechanics; we develop thinking, feeling riders. The connection with the horse is paramount, our lessons often start to look at the bigger picture.

Lessons are available at our facility or your own.  Please inquire for more details


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