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Incredicon at the Poughkeepsie Galleria

Incredicon at the Poughkeepsie Galleria

If you have kids, make sure to add Incredicon to your “To Do” list for Sunday, Oct 27th. This free event is taking place at the Poughkeepsie Galleria from 10-6 pm. Incredicon, now on its 3rd event, is a place for young people to be inspired. Attendees to the event can expect a mall full of artists, vendors selling tons of memorabilia, celebrity guests and voice actors, interactive gaming and lots of costumes! Recently, iHeart Hudson Valley had a chance to speak with Mike Lopez, one of the creators of Incredicon, about the event.

A lover of comics and pop culture himself, Mike spent many years running workshops and kids related events for various comic cons up and down the upper east coast. The idea for a kids’ related comic event was born out of working with a man he considers a mentor, Alex Simmons, who ran a kids’ comic con that he helped with. After close to 10 years of helping others, Mike eventually broke off on his own and started doing his own thing. He self-published his own comic called Life’s a Beach and worked on his own events. Seeing a need in the Hudson Valley area for more of these great events for kids, he decided to use his experience in running events to create something new and closer to home in the Hudson Valley. Thus, Incredicon was born! Additionally, he pushes Incredikids, which is his kids’ programming that travels to other comic cons and boasts workshops and opportunities for kids to meet artists and celebrities and get the chance to learn how comics are made from the pros.

A full-time teacher, Mike finds that his students take well to the use of comics and pop culture in the classroom which aids in their learning process. This is one of the core premises behind his Incredicon event and Incredikids programming. Allowing kids to meet real working artists, actors, and puppeteers, learn about comics and how they are made, and learn that they too, can do this kind of work in the future if they want is an important message.  It also helps to support local businesses and vendors from the Hudson Valley area. Come out, do some shopping, meet some wonderful artists, and be inspired!

Some of the Guests attending are:

Joe Sinnott (Marvel)
Greg Berg (Voice of Baby Fozzie Bear, TMNT’s Donatello & Bebop, & Huckleberry Hound)
Brianna Denski (Actress-WONDER PARK)
Joe Caramagna
Timothy Clarke (Dark Crystal Puppet Builder)
Ray Felix
Thomas Sciacca
The Great Space Coaster
The Pandorica Restaurant
Gerrit Overeem
Jason McCarten
Gary Peppe
Ryan Browne
Alterniverse Comics
Kirwan’s Game Store
Will Torres
Billy Damante Jr.
Caseen Gaines (The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History)
Game of HAM
Michael Grassia
Greg Yozzo
Mike DiGrazia -(Sharknado Poster Artist)
Emilio Velez Jr. (Dodgeball Teens)
Reinaldo J Pizarro
Stephen Lancevich
Steve DeSario
Crafts by Vicky D’Ascanio
Dariya Felix
Megabrain Comics & Arcade
Robert J Sodaro
Joe Bev (Yogi Bear)
Jim Martin (Great Space Coaster)

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