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Fall Fashion Tips From a Local Pro

Fall Fashion Tips From a Local Pro

As the leaves begin to turn colors and the winds start to have that telling chill in the air, now is the time that many of us reluctantly start the process of changing out our closets to our Fall and Winter wardrobes.  This year is especially poignant as so many of us are going back to work after spending the last year at home working in our sweatpants! When we recently met Liana at a local business event, we thought it might be fun to have her write up some “back to work” tips to provide some much-needed advice on how to get back into the swing of things with our fashion after living the pandemic lifestyle for the last year. 

Hi! I’m Liana and I’m the Owner and Wardrobe Stylist at Be Brilliant Styling. I specialize in helping executives and entrepreneurs create their unique personal style brands. 

I love helping my clients hone their personal style brand so they can express themselves and get results in the areas that matter most in life – like promotions at work, finding love, bringing their dreams into reality, and beyond.

With over 13 years in the fashion industry, I’ve combined my Image Consulting and Fashion Styling certificates with my degree in psychology and Reiki practitioner’s certificate to create my signature Intuitive Style Healing method.

Since I was a kid I dreamed of finding a way to make the world a better place while getting to use my eye for design/clothing (sounds cheesy but it’s true!). 

So the opportunity to help my clients every day and seeing the look on their faces when they realize how gorgeous they actually are lights me up like nothing else.

This Fall, as the world opens up and more of us are returning to the office, there is a major focus on COMFORT in dressing. Fortunately, that means you can be polished and professional and still be as comfortable as if you were in your sweats at home. Check out my top Fall Style tips (below) to learn ways to do this – and be sure to check out our special offer at the end of the article for a “Ask Your Stylist Anything” virtual session – exclusively for iHeart Hudson Valley!


What to wear to work after being in sweatpants for a year and a half?

Professional doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. Dress codes have gotten more and more casual over the years so a lot of offices allow denim. The key is to wear jeans in more streamlined silhouettes and without too much distressing (i.e. rips) or distracting details for work.

As an alternative to denim, fabrics with stretch and structure will be flattering and comfortable for every body type. Ponte fabric is one of my favorites for pants and jackets that are super comfortable and still work within more traditional dress codes that don’t allow denim.

You can also incorporate things like knit jackets and blazers (think sweater materials in jacket/blazer form) which have a polished, professional look but are as cozy as your sweats.

Joggers in slightly dressier jersey fabrics can also work for most offices and are as comfy as your sweats.

(Keep reading till the end for more ideas to maximize your wardrobe and be comfy at work.)

All black the right way

Photo credit – NADIA ANYA- instagram

As the months get colder we often want to wear darker colors. The key to wearing all black (or any darker/monochromatic look) without turning yourself into a disappearing blob is: TEXTURE. Mixing textures with black makes it more flattering, intentional, and therefore, stylish. Try pairing a pair of coated denim or leather pants with a crepe silk blouse for a super chic look.

How much color is too much color?

Image courtesy of

There is no “too much” color – as long as you pair it properly. Bold, bright colors are great at this time of year. Burgundy is a great “pseudo-neutral” meaning it’s a color but goes with almost any other color. And it’s flattering to pretty much every skin tone.

If you want to try to add color but keep it subdued, try all navy, olive green, or burgundy with brown, black, or white accessories for a monochromatic look. Or, go bold and try these with a pop of color in your accessories. (Red-orange is a great color pop at this time of year.)

White after Labor Day

Fall Fashion Tips From a Local Pro
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Pulling this off requires 2 things – weather appropriateness and wearability. For example, a very lightweight, white fabric would look out of place on a crisp fall day – but a luxuriously thick white sweater or winter-white jeans? Perfection.

You can also try a monochromatic white outfit with shades of cream and beige for an ultra-chic look.

Can I still wear skinny jeans?

This is one of the most common questions my clients have asked me over the past few months. My answer is – yes, as long as you love them, they fit properly, are in good condition, and are flattering. But if you’re going to invest in new jeans or pants, I would recommend a more timeless straight leg or “cigarette” silhouette. Or, try a wide-leg, flare, or “mom jean” option. All of these styles are more comfortable and flattering on most body types than skinny jeans.

Pro-Style Hack

Maximize your wardrobe and Extend the life of your summer/spring dresses

step 1. layer a sweater over the dress

Step 2. place a belt around your waist

Step 3. half-tuck the front of the sweater into the belt

VOILA! You have a comfy and cozy yet chic look that works for work, the weekend, and beyond.

Still, looking for help with getting your closet back in order? Purchase your own personal session with Liana below, at a 55% savings only on iHeart Hudson Valley! Don’t wait, this offer is only good for 2 weeks from today through Nov 3rd, 2021!

For more information or to book a consultation – check out our website at and follow us on IG @BeBrilliantStyling for more tips.

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