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CreativesMX Meet

CreativesMX Meet

Yesterday, I traveled into the city of Kingston for the first time. I went there to attend the CreativesMX meet that I had showcased in my events. It sounded interesting, and right up my alley, being creative and all ūüėȬ† I was not disappointed, although, I was a bit confused as to where I was going. My navigation parked me a good two blocks away from the venue, and I had to walk through what I overheard was “the last farmers market of the season” on Wall Street in downtown Kingston. Finally, I made it to the spot and got to see a nice section of downtown while I was at it. Although a little late, I arrived in time to hear Ellen Karis opening the event telling us all her funny, everyday stories about quitting her full-time job to become a¬†comedian, growing up with her Greek parents and the trials and tribulations of marriage. It was a great opening!

After the opening, the competition began and the contestants were expected to partake in a range of activities at designated workstations, to gain points. Being a spectator, I wandered around the tables and exhibits, talking to the artists and getting to know them and their work. I spoke to Mary Zydel, who had a table of lovely handmade jewelry there. I also bought some yummy hot chocolate from Peter and Heidi of  I was especially loving the bold statements made by the street art style of Eugene Stetz of High Falls, NY and the whimsical and detailed prints of Karen Whitman of Bearsville, NY.

It was great speaking to Tallie Carter who was the organizer of the event. Having started CreativesMX 2 years ago, she really was looking to create an environment to help multidisciplinary creative people to develop and advance their careers by helping them understand how the industry really works, promoting the discipline they need to work in their businesses, and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

In the afternoon, we had the privilege of listening to an inspiring keynote from writer, Evan Lacon. In his book Finishing, he gives 21 tools to help you reach your goals, even when things are tough. He ran through a number of them for us and, well, I bought the book!

Finally, after an initial tally of the votes, the day ended with the top 5 creatives doing a final presentation of their art on the stage.  From there, we got our top 3 winners of the day!

1st Place: Jessieca McNabb, comedian

2nd Place: Karen Whitman, artist/printmaker

3rd Place: Eugene Stetz, artist

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  1. mary zydel

    It was a great day!


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